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to Interact with Blockchains.

Build blockchain-based apps, solutions and
protocols. BullPay delivers enterprise class APIs.

Blockchain APIs for Business


Send & Confirm Transactions

Send and confirm payments via Longhorn across the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Litecoin TestNet, Dogecoin and Dash networks.
Show Wallet Balances

Get Real-time & Historical Transactions, Summaries, and More

Get historical and real-time transactions with zero delay, regardless of wallets or exchanges. Show a total balance of a wallet and its summary instantly.
Audit Anything

Audit Anything

Access blockchain data from the genesis block to the most recent one and audit any data imaginable on the supported blockchains.

Use Longhorn Block Explorer to search and verify transactions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Litecoin TestNet, Dogecoin and Dash regardless of wallets or exchanges.

Get all transactions and a total balance of a wallet address with zero delay and the utmost accuracy.

Build blockchain-related applications or solutions with one unified API, a powerful set of the most scalable and reliable APIs by Longhorn.

Simplify your code, shorten product development cycle, and sidestep expensive node development, maintenance and operation, across many blockchains.


Use Longhorn to detect, investigate and prevent suspicious cryptocurrency-related activities, i.e. money laundering, fraud and compliance violations.

Gain a data advantage from Longhorn Memory-mapped database technology to identify suspicious activity across billions of cryptocurrency transactions or other data tied to the blockchains.

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