We believe making blockchains
more accessible is the next big thing.

BullPay is a global blockchain data provider. Developers use Longhorn, our flagship product, to build and scale blockchain-based applications, solutions, and protocols. We deliver blockchain transaction data via a single-unified, enterprise-class API. Our suite of APIs are scalable, powerful and easy to use, offering developers the most efficient path to getting their products to market.

Longhorn is fully managed, giving developers the freedom to focus on their core product without the distraction of maintaining nodes, servers, hardware, or infrastructure. With our patent-pending database technology, Longhorn’s API provides a unique approach to scalability and an unmatched combination of network stability and unparalleled speed.

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BullPay works with a wide variety of customers. Learn more about how we support DApps, wallets, payment and trading platforms, data aggregators, and other blockchain companies.

Our team works to remove the barriers to blockchain interaction, help more business get started, expediate growth for existing companies, and increase the GDP of the blockchain economy.

Our mission is to provide
 quick and easy access to blockchain data.

Data lies at the heart of any significant application. That is why everything we do is focused on removing barriers to the blockchain communication. Every aspect of our API offering is designed to empower developers; they can build more and faster by using trusted tools that provide the functionality that they require at minimal cost.


BullPay focuses on what customers want, and then deliver it. We make the customer to be the centerpiece of all our efforts. For example, the chief complaint from our customers is that they can’t scale using our competitors, so we make it easy for apps to scale. Not just in terms of ensuring user growth – but also in terms of adding new blockchains.


BullPay is a company built on trust and security. Trust and integrity are our core principles – see our patch notes for example. All of our products are built with as many OWASP ASVS Level 3 best practices as possible.


Developers are critical to app success. With BullPay, there is no need to learn about server configuration, node configuration, network management, database tuning, or updating all the previous items on a regular basis. BullPay removes obstacles so developers can stay focused and produce their best work.

Our history

BullPay is probably the biggest underdog you never heard of in the blockchain Industry. On paper, we should not have a right to compete with the industry giants. While they use existing database tech, like SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc. to index data (which leads to reduced historical capabilities and/or response times), we built our memory-mapped database technology from the ground up. We have also become highly skilled at running scalable, reliable and cost effective infrastructure out of necessity. Combining our incredibly efficient but powerful technology and infrastructure results in low prices for our customers, setting the stage for the phenomenal growth to follow.


May 2017

BullPay founded by Kyle Kuehm

September 2017

BullPay rolls out its first white-label crypto crowdfunding platform


January 2018

BullPay achieved OWASP ASVS Level 3 security certificate

July 2018

BullPay launched Longhorn in private beta with support for Bitcoin, Ehereum, Litecoin, and Dash

August 2018

Longhorn supports Litecoin Testnet

September 2018

Longhorn available in public beta

December 2018

Longhorn supports Dogecoin


January 2019

Longhorn is released out of beta

January 2018

BullPay achieved OWASP ASVS Level 3 security certificate

July 2018

BullPay launched Longhorn in private beta with support for Bitcoin, Ehereum, Litecoin, and Dash

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