BullPay at WyoHackathon 2018

The BullPay team was quite busy last weekend. Our Longhorn API web services to communicate with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash nodes were beta released and are available at https://longhorn.bullpay.com. The Longhorn Block Explorer was designed and built to scale with our patent pending Longhorn Memory-mapped Database and will soon support Dogecoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and Monero. The API document is available here:

To showcase Longhorn Block Explorer to blockchain developers, BullPay became a Developer Sponsor of WyoHackathon 2018, the first hackathon in Wyoming located at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

WyoHackathon was special for BullPay for two main reasons. One, WyoHackathon is a blockchain specific event. It’s a hackathon with a wide variety of challenges and over 300 developers in attendance. Secondly, Wyoming has passed several pro-blockchain laws, paving the way for digital asset regulations. BullPay has taken part in crafting language of this groundbreaking legislation and will continue to support the progressive business regulations in Wyoming.

As such, since BullPay is a blockchain development firm, this was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our new product for developers. We sponsored the BullPay Challenge to create a multi-digital wallet, supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Litecoin Testnet using Longhorn API. The prize for the winning team is 3 Ether depending on user interface, speed and functionality of the wallet applications. We had at least five teams working with the Longhorn API.

During the two days of coding, BullPay team members were on site to assist developers working on our Challenge. It was encouraging to see the large number of people exploring blockchain development. A fair amount of developers were from Denver, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming, but many also flew in from all corners of the Earth.

We were excited to see teams from China and Africa learn about Longhorn for the first time and build their own DApps and thrilled to be not only sponsors of the event but as active mentors coaching new developers through the ins and out of blockchain development. We offered the BullPay Challenge prize of 3 ETH won by the Pokkit team which created a simple, yet powerful digital currency wallet for non-techies using Longhorn API.