BullPay in the News: BullPay’s Multi-Crypto Longhorn Blockchain API and Blockchain Explorer Hits Beta Version 1.2.0

Longhorn​, BullPay’s ​blockchain API​ and blockchain explorer for developers and crypto users, hit its beta version 1.2.0 release this week. In addition, BullPay also announced ​Dogecoin (DOGE)​ support to the multi-blockchain explorer, as well as the API web services to make it easier for developers to scale blockchain-based applications with Longhorn.


“Longhorn API, showcased by Longhorn block explorer, is our lightweight blockchain API web services for developing a scalable blockchain-related applications out of a single-unified API,” Kyle Kuehm, BullPay’s Managing Director explained. “The problem we’re solving is the problem that most blockchain developers face today. As a blockchain developer, you’re forced to choose. Either you build apps natively using blockchain nodes, or integrating multiple APIs for each blockchain. And then you need to maintain them separately.”

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