Longhorn Beta Release: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Dash Block Explorer & Blockchain API for Business

Development teams often wish for powerful tools and services that scale. What blockchain developer wouldn’t want the power to effortlessly support user growth and new blockchains when a business’ needs expand?

This continues to be a huge challenge for development teams. Having reliable API web services helps businesses to properly scale and sidestep the costs of a slow development process.

As of today Longhorn Block Explorer and Blockchain API customers will have more power to scale into the future. Using our patent pending Longhorn Memory-mapped Database, Longhorn mathematically locates requested addresses, transactions, or block hash, allowing wallets, exchanges, payment and trading platforms to more swiftly serve up to 35 transactions per second (customers can request dedicated servers or bare metal for greater speed and calls per second), support more coins with a single-unified API, and accurately communicate accounting and financial activities to end users. The future is here.

Our Founder & Managing Partner, Kyle Kuehm, believes in the importance of scalability of this new block explorer for development teams.

“You need to scale, without scalability long term success is unlikely. With Longhorn Block Explorer, we’re able to provide more stability across the blockchains. We’ve designed a new way of storing and retrieving data that helps development teams deliver large amounts of data from blockchains thousands of times faster than from a node directly. This is a big win for developers.”

Over nine months in the making, our team has indexed and served up billions of Inputs and Outputs. We’re proud to be able to say we can process data 16 times faster than Microsoft Azure and thousands of times faster than Microsoft SQL.

“I’m excited about this – because we have this great Memory-mapped Database technology, we can cut through the fog of data reading and writing,” said Kyle. “We know a lot about how transactions move through blockchains, so we’re able to provide a high quality experience when interacting with blockchain data.”


Our team has developed a new database system using Memory-Mapping to store non-hashed data and mathematically locate it, allowing for nearly instant fetch.

“Because Longhorn acts as a bridge between the nodes and your application, the block explorer will always be extremely responsive, stable and reliable. Longhorn only uses nodes to retrieve new blocks.”


Developers  are better equipped to create projects and businesses with simple, yet powerful set of blockchain APIs. Longhorn’s single-unified API throughout all coins allows for one common structure, as well as interface.

Infrastructure Engineers  can proactively cut costs associated with managing a 24x7x365 infrastructure. It’s time consuming and expensive to build a system that is reliable, stable and, most importantly, scalable.

Product Users can accurately and speedily view transactions.

Want to Learn more?

Check out this API document we’ve created for current customers here.